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Digital Short Story Show 2017

May 17 - June 7
Man sitting inside a rail car. Graffiti on the inside of the car. Trash littering the floor of the car.
Credit: Alex Barsky, "Train Man"


Fri, Jun 2; 6:00pm - 8:00pm

In MFA Visual Narrative's Digital Short Story (DSS) class, each student is charged with channeling their inner author and narrative designer. Their task is to create, write and present an original, self-published digital short story in 15 weeks. Subject matter, style and digital format design are integral parts of project development and the creative process. The only true parameters are length, the use of text and image, and the challenge of telling a great story from concept to finish.

This exhibition, curated by faculty members Mark Sable and Jim Rugg, will feature the DSS projects of the following students: Roda Al-Thani, Alex BarksyJenny BeeStephanie HovdenFrancis KulikowskiAna LozadaMatthew MurphyKenny NamShannon L. O'Halloran and Bill Wehmann.

The goal of Digital Short Story is to foster ambitious and exciting new voices in visual storytelling through interaction with faculty and peers. The DSS project is designed to focus on specific story fundamentals and to explore character development, narrative design and story composition. Students then translate these concepts into a digital format rooted in an information system as old as human culture  story.

Free and open to the public