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Dimensional Whateverism

June 20 - July 7, 2018
External view of gallery front door, with vinyl text with exhibition details ("Dimensional Whateverism," MAT Art Education, June 20 - July 7)


Fri, Jul 6; 4:00 - 6:00pm

School of Visual Arts presents an exhibition of thesis work by the MAT Art Education class of 2018. Curated by program chair Rose Viggiano, the exhibition will be on view from Wednesday, June 20, through Saturday, July 7, at the SVA Flatiron Gallery, 133/141 West 21st Street, New York City.

The phrase “dimensional whateverism” sprung up from the Curriculum: Arts Integrated course, in which instructor Jerry James asked the students to create a new art movement to represent their collective ideas. “Whateverism” is a playful and even rebellious concept, referring to the open-endedness of the group’s goals, as well as the abundance and diversity of art materials that can be used in contemporary art. The journey is more important than the destination to these graduates.

Furthermore, each artist is interested in exploring other dimensions through narrative and fantasy, or through abstraction and geometry. These interests reveal the free-spirited imagination of the group, but they also emphasize the graduates’ passion for teaching the visual arts; each will provide strong artistic foundations to their future students, passing on their creative exuberance and knowledge of visual arts techniques, skills and concepts.

Each graduate chose a dimension to explore and envision, developing unique original artworks in this final exhibition.

The featured artists are Evelyn Cáceres, Jeffrey Dong, Taejung Kim, Georgi Michaelessi, Christopher Miller, Taylor Renelle, Melvin Neofenyx Rosado and Michael Shea Wright.

Free and open to the public