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Fat Tony and James Raymond

Nov 19, 2019, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

portrait of rapper Fat Tony
Credit: Photo of Fat Tony by Meredith Truax

MFA Fine Arts presents a performance lecture by renowned Brooklyn-based rapper Fat Tony and his collaborative partner in live visual effects James Raymond. 

Nigerian-American rapper and entertainer Fat Tony has maintained a creative resilience and unbridled enthusiasm through the past decade of his career. His musical footprint has left behind a treasure trove of alternative rap, spread across five albums, dozens of singles and features on tracks by A$AP Rocky, Das Racist and Bun B. Fat Tony’s sense of humor and courage to experiment mirrors the counter-cultural hip-hop artists who’ve inspired him, like De La Soul, Devin the Dude and DJ Screw. His sonically unpredictable and emotionally vulnerable music has garnered praise from Pitchfork, The Fader and Noisey. Although he has spent the past few years bouncing back and forth between Los Angeles and New York while hosting shows for VICE and Super Deluxe, the formative rap scene in Houston where he grew up will always feel like home.

James Raymond is a visual artist and motion graphics designer. After graduating from Cal Arts, he created a short film called STIHL with renowned video artist James Benning. The movie was featured at festivals such as Slamdance and The San Francisco International Film Festival. James's talent soon found its way to hip-hop and live music, where he transitioned his work aesthetic into live performance. James has created supporting live visuals for artists such as Desiigner, DotDaGenius, Cadence Weapon and Fat Tony.  James’s work draws from personal experience as well as pop culture references. His live action work features broken narrative and found footage, both of which are drawn from television, movies and home videos. The artist’s more abstract work involves heavily altering found footage of childhood cartoons into brightly colored and psychedelic imagery. His art explores the tropes of toxic masculinity, sexuality and the idea of fading memories. James’s visuals are heavily inspired by contemporary glitch art and Fluxus movement artists such as Nam Jun Paik. Although James is an upstate New York native he currently lives in Los Angeles.

Free and open to the public