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Presented by BFA Visual & Critical Studies

Influx and Efflux: Drawings by Taney Roniger

January 9 - February 26, 2021
Event poster for "Influx and Efflux: Drawings by Taney Roniger." It features the title, location, and dates, written in white on black background. In the middle, there is a structure that looks like a dress or flower petals draped down a pole

BFA Visual & Critical Studies and the SVA Flatiron Project Space present “Influx and Efflux: Drawings by Taney Roniger.” Taney Roniger (BFA 1992 Fine Arts) is an artist, writer and faculty member in the Honors and Fine Arts departments at SVA. The exhibition is on view from Saturday, January 9 through Friday, February 26, 2021. While SVA buildings remain closed to the public, the Flatiron Project Space’s large street-level window allows for safe viewing of the drawings from the sidewalk. 

The artist has prepared the following statement about her work:

“Inspired by a new book by Jane Bennett from which the show gets its title, the drawings in this series invite the viewer into a fleshly and empathic encounter with writhing and rhythmic organic forms. Rousing the body’s innate mimetic capacities, the forms act as animate forces, transferring their choreography onto the electrochemistry of the viewer. Scaled to the human body and left unframed, the drawings are also bodies, influencing and being influenced, influxing and effluxing. It is an encounter that evokes a world charged with presences—lively, mysterious, multitudinous, inarticulable—not least among them the strange accretions of matter that we call our selves. Do we dare to become re-enchanted with a material world we have made object?”

For further information, please contact the artist at troniger@sva.edu or taneyroniger@gmail.com.

For information about BFA Visual & Critical Studies at SVA, please contact Paloma Crousillat at pcrousillat@sva.edu.

Free and open to the public