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Intricacies of Being

July 9 - August 6, 2015
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Thu, Jul 9; 6:00 - 8:00pm

School of Visual Arts presents “Intricacies of Being,” an exhibition of work by SVA students and recent graduates selected by a jury of their peers. Organized by SVA Galleries, “Intricacies of Being” is on view Thursday, July 9, through Thursday, August 6, at the SVA Chelsea Gallery, 601 West 26th Street, 15th floor, New York City.

The works on view in “Intricacies of Being” explore the complexities of human experience in repetitious and at times traditionally domestic practices such as folding, embroidering, tracing and sculpting. This exhibition’s paintings, video, photography, sculpture and mixed-media works examine the connection between materiality and existence.

Participating artists include Yasaman Alipour, Christy Bencosme, Francesca Facciola, Kijin Jang, Georgia Lale, Heesun Shin and Stefan Ziegler.

Yasaman Alipour’s (BFA 2015 Photography) photographic installation All Invisible Things Adhere to the Visible, All Audible to the Inaudible, the Tactile to the Non-tactile, and Perhaps the Thinkable to the Unthinkable is an assemblage of abstract photographs that undulate along the wall, revealing the artist’s habitual motions of folding and manipulating her materials to occupy space and challenge the preconception of photographic works as still images.

BFA Fine Arts student Christy Bencosme’s sculptures and altered photographs reveal the complexities and discomforts of sexuality through humor. Body parts mimic food, and the artist plays with feminine practices such as embroidery and nourishment.

BFA Fine Arts student Francesca Facciola’s photorealistic paintings exalt the imperfections of human skin, blowing flaws out of proportion to reveal their beauty as constructions of color and form.

MFA Photography, Video and Related Media student Kijin Jang’s video works explore the familiar realm of humiliation and insecurity, exaggerating the responses of individuals in environments that challenge their ability to engage or self-reflect.

MFA Fine Arts student Georgia Lale’s G.LALE’S COLLECTION pairs photographs of sleeping strangers with delicately embroidered intimate apparel collected from the artist’s acquaintances, asking viewers to reexamine their relationships and daily encounters.

Heesun Shin’s (MFA 2015 Fine Arts) colorful drawings mask features of human subjects, transforming them into bright monstrosities that appear to be swallowed by natural forms.

MPS Digital Photography student Stefan Ziegler’s photographs capture various moments of observance and interaction, revealing the complexities of human relationships.

Juried exhibitions are a way for SVA’s student body to recognize the achievements of their classmates. Artists are selected from a large pool of applicants through a rigorous examination of presented materials, including documentation of work and artist statements.

Free and open to the public
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