Presented by MFA Illustration as Visual Essay

Katie Yamasaki Artist Talk

Jan 28, 2020; 7:00 - 9:00pm
A colorful mural of a person hanging upside-down with their eyes closed, surrounded by floating lanterns
Credit: Katie Yamasaki

MFA Illustration as Visual Essay presents an artist talk with muralist, illustrator and program alumnus Katie Yamasaki, in conjunction with the exhibition "Katie Yamasaki, Muralist," which is on view at the SVA Gramercy Gallery through Saturday, February 8.

Photograph of mural on side of building with three people holding a paintbrush, pencil, and paper respectively, with the text "Knowledge to think for yourself / We are not government issued" superimposed on the red ribbon spreading throughout.

Mural by Katie Yamasaki. Credit: Groundswell Community Mural Project.

Credit: Katie Yamasaki
Free and open to the public