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July 20 - August 8, 2019
Abstract image with lower 3/4 of image in solid black in lines of various heights, and in the top center of the frame is a rainbow-colored block against light pink.


Thu, Jul 25; 6:00 - 8:00pm

School of Visual Arts presents “Light,” an exhibition of works by SVA students selected by a jury of their peers. Organized by SVA Galleries, “Light,” is on view Saturday, July 20, through Thursday, August 8, at the SVA Chelsea Gallery, 601 West 26th Street, New York City.

French philosopher, mystic and political activist Simone Weil famously said: “Two forces rule the universe: light and gravity.” Artists in this exhibition emphasize the former, observing how this visual energy provides illumination, activates volume within space and creates marks through chemical interactions. This exhibition offers both abstract and literal representations of these expressions. Considering how light not only represents visible electromagnetic radiation, but also a rich narrative and conceptual device, the works on display represent these age-old phenomena through varied approaches including drawing, painting, photography, video and installation.

Participating artists include Angelica Asaro, Wen-Han Chang, Ruofan Chen, Brett Henrikson, Yangzi Huang, Jeong Hur, Sang Hyock Lee (Calvin), Breeze Li, Ruocong Ma, Wanki Min, Angie Nam, Keika Okamoto, Tao Wei and Xueqing Yin.

Juried exhibitions are a way for SVA’s student body to recognize the achievements of their classmates. Artists are selected from a large pool of applicants to the annual SVA Galleries call for entries, whose submissions undergo a rigorous examination of presented materials, including documentation of work and artist statements.

Free and open to the public
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