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Hatched: New Ventures in Entrepreneurial Design

April 26 - May 11, 2013
An art exhibit with colorful cubes on the floor.
"Hatched: New Ventures in Entrepreneurial Design," April 26 - May 11, 2013
Credit: MFA Design Thesis Exhibition, Curated by Ada Whitney


Wed, May 1; 6:00 - 8:00pm

School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents “Hatched,” a unique showcase of entrepreneurial ventures designed for today’s complex social and commercial marketplace including campaigns, apps, and products, among others. The exhibition is a collection of projects by 19 students graduating from the MFA Design Department. Curated by faculty member Ada Whitney, the exhibition will be on view from April 26 through May 11 at the Visual Arts Gallery, 601 West 26th Street, 15th floor, New York City.

“The Designer as Author + Entrepreneur thesis exhibition launches the MFA Class of 2013 into our media-rich global society. The 19 market-ready projects shown here emerge from socially driven ideas and a digitally conscious design awareness. This interactive iPad installation invites a detailed look into the current process and reasoning behind each entrepreneurial project and its place in our contemporary culture. Prepare to be moved, amazed, and inspired.”

Maryam Allee’s “Bundle” is a weekly snack delivery service for planning, expecting and nursing moms. Each delivery comes with an assortment of goods such as prepared treats by local food makers, farm fresh produce, dairy, and meats, enough for the three recipes provided. Bundle is a community, learning-through-eating system and call to action for a better food system designed specifically for nature’s most important nurturer—mom. bundlemom.com

“Puppyrights,” by Jinsook Bae, is a campaign to raise awareness about puppy mills—large-scale industrial breeding systems with unsanitary conditions that generate unhappy and unhealthy purebred dogs as products. The website will showcase videos, adoptable dogs, and a directory of humane pet stores. puppyrights.com

Justin Colt reinvents how products are manufactured and sold with “Made Here,” a platform connecting product designers with manufactures and retailers and enabling them to take their product ideas from concept to retail shelf. madeherenyc.com

Kathleen Fitzgerald presents graphic designers with “Ohhhh,” an online community displaying the details of how their designs are made: the methodologies and processes, resources and assets, materials and tools. By watching designers at work through video, tips, and exercises, viewers gain insight into new methods of creativity. ohhhh.co

“Boco,” Jose Fresneda’s crowd funding platform, supports designers based in Bogota who want to offer new insights for the city’s emerging issues. Projects will be funded and celebrated both online and through fundraising events. Boco creates a community of active citizens who recognize that real impact can only be achieved by doing. boco.com.co

Francesco Izzo presents “NY Is Open,” a tool that harnesses the offerings of technology to support and initiate real interactions between business owners and their clients. nyisopen.com

“Jointly,” from Samia Kallidis, is a decentralized mobile application that helps communities self-organize disaster relief without relying on bureaucratic organizations. By directly connecting disaster victims with volunteers, Jointly allows individuals to request help through services and donations, and find skilled volunteers who are available to fulfill those needs. jointly.us

Jungmin Kim’s “Brave Friends” is an interactive iPad book for children ages 5 to 8 that empowers passive bystanders with strategies to prevent bullying in Korean schools. The experience offers two opposite interactive buttons, showing the perspective of both the bystander and the upstander (those who stand up against bullies). Children will learn how to use their power as bystanders and be encouraged through the message “be an upstander, not a bystander.” bravefriends.co.kr

“Be Me,” created by Yeon Soo Kim, is a website for high school girls in Korea to assist in developing confidence, featuring video tutorials focused on embracing inner and outer beauty. Aiming to deter girls from cosmetic surgery, the tutorials contain makeup tips, clothing styles, and positive body image messaging. www.beme.kr

“Pump’d,” Marcie Lawrence’s independent magazine for young women with diabetes, provides thoughtful and intelligent content on life with the chronic illness from the perspective of the young women who live it. pumpdmagazine.com

Jennifer Hosun Lee’s “Lunch Day” is an event-creating company that brings lunch to corporate environments, enabling employees to develop communities by celebrating unique monthly themes. ourlunchday.com

Cecil Mariani presents “Upacita” a business model where arts and cultural organizations and creative individuals of Jakarta share ownership of collective businesses. It drives revenue to fund projects while aggregating the market power of people who, on their own, could achieve little or nothing. upacita.com

“GreyMatters” is Jenny Rozbruch‘s tablet application that aims to improve quality of life for people with dementia and their caregivers. Through an interactive life story book, paired with music and games, the app helps patients and families to reflect on old memories together, as well as create and share new ones. With a strong belief that a person with dementia can still be engaged and delighted, GreyMatters taps into the abilities that remain rather than focusing on what is lost. greymatterstous.com

“Hijaz–The Cookbook” is a book created by Nada Seet that introduces Americans to the Saudi/Hijazi culture and history through food. Unlike standard recipe cookbooks, “Hijaz” incorporates stories that provide a new way of looking at a culturally rich and long misunderstood Saudi Arabia. hijazifood.com

Lizzy Showman’s “In.Bounds” is a crowd-fundraising platform dedicated to alleviating the financial and social barriers of youth athletics by enabling teams and individuals to display their passion for their sport as well as their need for funding. Recipients could seek funding towards new equipment, sports camps, field access, or even a coach to help grow fundamental skills. playinbounds.org

Shawn Sprockett‘s “Semio” is a simulation-based learning platform designed to boost professional training efficacy and results. As trainees play, Semio gathers metrics on performance that cross-reference data from other cloud-based services like Salesforce.com, providing insight for both trainees and managers into learning and behavior that will give return on investment. semiolearning.com

“This is Graphic Design,” by Janine Toro, is an exciting new educational program that delivers understanding and awareness of graphic design to high school students. Through workshops, graphic design is presented as problem solving, storytelling and critical thinking. Students learn the process and aesthetics of design, and its potential as a future career choice. thisisdesign.org

“The Responsible Gun,” an organization created by Thai Truong, aims to provide a middle ground between gun rights and gun control groups through conceptualizing and developing responsible ideas and technologies. The website will focus on developing an entirely new framework for gun possession through the implementation of RFID technology in firearms, the development of new laws and regulations, and the establishment of individual protocols that emphasize gun responsibility while preserving the right to bear arms. theresponsiblegun.com

Miao Zhao’s “GAMU” is a tablet application that creates visual art from audio input, bringing together the art of music and drawing. With a sophisticated customization system, users are able to create unique audio visualizations. gamuapp.com

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