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Presented by MFA Fine Arts

The Aftermath: Life After SVA MFA Fine Arts

January 16 - 30, 2021
Multiple image boxes across a white canvas, showing Captain Picard from Star Trek holding his head in frustration, a stock image of a sparrow, the painting “Death of Socrates” by Neo-classical painter Jacques-Louis David, a screenshot of waterfall video in an editing program, an icon of a blue folder, a black robotic hand holding a broccoli, a black and white photo of a boulder in a landscape, a plate of spaghetti with cut up hot dogs, and a pencil drawing of two bowls. "The Aftermath: Life After SVA MFA Fine Arts" is overlaid in black font, with a blue SVA NYC flower logo in the lower right corner.


Thu, Jan 28; 5:00 - 6:30pm

School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents “The Aftermath: Life After SVA MFA Fine Arts,” a virtual exhibition of moving images by MFA Fine Arts alumni, gathered through an open call. Curated by Kaja Cxzy Andersen (MFA 2016 Fine Arts), the exhibition will be on view from Saturday, January 16, through Saturday, January 30, at galleries.sva.edu.

Life after art school can feel like being in a vacuum. As a student, you’re afforded the space, time, support and community to dedicate yourself to your practice and, often, experience tremendous artistic growth as a result. Then you are suddenly cast out into the world, beyond the safety of the institution’s walls—and the silence can be deafening.

The past year has been another kind of vacuum, with fewer opening receptions, talks and studio visits, and more time to contemplate or disconnect (or binge TV shows). But regardless of the situations we are in, one thing is certain: Life still happens, and artists will make art out of that life. From mundane events to substantial struggles, from the absurd to the spectacular, this exhibition features a collection of moving image work that reflects, usually with a hint of irony, what it’s like to be an artist in the aftermath of an MFA.

Join SVA MFA Fine Arts for special live exhibition programming on Thursday, January 28, 5:00 – 6:30pm ET, on Instagram Live, @svamfafinearts.

Artists and MFA Fine Arts alumni included in this exhibition are Yael Azoulay (2016), Jason Elizondo (2020), Scott Ferguson (2017), Sid and Geri (2018), Aaron Hillebrand (2011), Georgia Lale (2016), Dulce Lamarca (2020), Isabel Llaguno (2018), Susan Luss (2016), Dominique Palladino (2015), Dana Robinson (2019) and Michelle Sumaray (2016).