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Photography and Racial Justice

Honoring the work of Maurice Berger
Apr 13, 2021; 6:30 - 9:00pm
(from left to right): Photos of Deborah Willis, Brian Palmer, and Nona Faustine, who are speaking at this event about photographer Maurice Berger

Left to right: Deborah Willis, Brian Palmer and Nona Faustine

SVA MFA Photography, Video and Related Media welcomes you to a panel discussion in honor of celebrated historian, curator and critic Maurice Berger. Featuring artist, author, and curator Dr. Deborah Willis, photographer and journalist Brian Palmer (MFA 1990 Photography and Related Media) and photographer and visual artist Nona Faustine (BFA 1994 Photography), this panel will examine issues that were central to Berger’s concerns and scholarship, namely the relationships between photography and racial justice.

From his scholarship on the Civil Rights Movement to his writings on the work of Gordon Parks, Berger’s work makes clear the central role of photography in the advancement of racial justice. Covering the fields of history, activism, photojournalism and art, the panelists will explore how photography helps us reckon with issues of race and representation in the United States.

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Black and white photo of Maurice Berger sitting in an armchair - wearing white button down with darker vest on top.

Celebrated historian, curator and critic Maurice Berger.

Credit: Photo by Robert Giard, Copyright Estate of Robert Giard.