Portrait Drawing Exhibition 2017

February 22 - March 14, 2017

Two girls posing by paintings.
Credit: Self-portrait by Manlun Ding

BFA Fine Arts faculty member Brooke Larsen presents the Portrait Drawing Exhibition once again, featuring the works of his first-year drawing class, on view from Wednesday, February 22 through Tuesday, March 14 in the SVA Flatiron Gallery windows. 

These drawings are based on Larsen's three golden rules: motivation, curiosity and discipline. First, students must be motivated to create a new drawing without fear and with a willingness to take chances using a mark of his or her own choosing. Then, they must let curiosity lead the him or her to developing that mark into a repeatable drawing mark; and then, of course, they must have the discipline to work long hours. Throughout this experience, Larsen's students watched their development because they could not return to a square that they already finished; they were only able make the next one better. Students were always looking forward with change at hand and in this way, they were able to surprise themselves and see better.

Featured student-artists: Jake Bruno, Erica Burns, Kaylee Chapman, Junqiao Chen, Jessica Cipp, Gabriela Collazo, Dongwei Di, Manlun Ding, Tyler Downing, Mary Esposito, Ruiqi Gao, Zijun Gao, Kate Hedrick, Deanna Iancu, Xi Jiang, Sofya Kaurova, Seulmi Kim, Shuang Lyu, Kristina Ma, Titus McBeath, Danielle McDuffie, Maya Mendonca, Sining Pan, Maria Ramos, Zihao Ren, Kai Schachter, Francesca Stanley, Neysa Tapanes, Naomi Treistman, Veronica Vanderlofske, Chu Wang, Taku Ward, Zijing Ying, Tianyi Zhang, Xiaoli Zhang, Lu Zheng 

Free and open to the public