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State Change: MFA Interaction Design Thesis Exhibition 2018

May 4 - 12, 2018
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Fri, May 4; 6:00 - 8:00pm

School of Visual Arts presents “State Change: MFA Interaction Design Thesis Exhibition,” featuring the thesis work of the MFA Interaction Design class of 2018. The exhibition is on view from Friday, May 4, through Saturday, May 12, at the SVA Gramercy Gallery, 209 East 23rd Street.

Each MFA Interaction Design degree candidate presents work that connects ideas to the human experience. At the exhibition, viewers can examine prototypes that bring the students’ ideas and products to life.

Actionable by Amy Ashida equips young people with tools to be more effective as they work together to create social change.

Alex Frankel’s projectWATT is a user-generated publication that challenges the current state of online discourse with real, diverse and nuanced perspectives.

Jenil Gogari’s Doction allows users to document their design systems without leaving their design tool.

Meme Wars is Tyler Gumb’s competitive online game, which pitches meme against meme in a battle for popularity and cryptocurrency.

Ashley Jang’s bundle. is a safe and friendly online community that helps people with social anxiety make new friends.

Rockit is Young Jang’s initiative to cultivate peer feedback within a student community in order to build students’ technical skills.

Amsha Kalra’s Pengwin is an interactive toy that empowers children to have a positive environmental impact.

Sejal Kotak’s platform Reorganize helps to reduce uncertainty for patients awaiting an organ transplant and increase their odds of finding a donor.

TraveLight is Wei-Ting Kuo’s clothing rental and delivery service that allows travelers to pack lightly and adapt to plan or weather changes.

Christine Lawton’s Getting There is a beginner’s field guide to creating a game, making and learning from mistakes and moving forward.

Nour Malaeb’s Relay is a suite of robotic furniture that helps people with disabilities and mobility impairments live more independently at home.

Nova by Azucena Romá is a guidance tool for individuals to personalize and share their end-of-life wishes with the people who matter most to them.

Kinjal Shah developed MightyUs to empower at-risk refugee children and teach them to exercise vigilance.

Janel Wong’s Compass is a platform that empowers women in the workplace by making mentorships more approachable and accessible.

Green Turtle by Ning Xu is a mobile app that connects travelers to unique local volunteer opportunities.

Katarina Yee’s Prospect is a digital service that enables volunteer organizations to more effectively leverage their networks and experience to help resettled refugees find jobs and restore their independence.

Locavores by Yue Yuan is a platform that connects tourists who want to have authentic food and cultural experiences with locals who want to learn about different cultures, so they can share a meal together.

The MFA in Interaction Design program trains students to research, analyze, prototype, and design concepts in their business, social, and cultural contexts. The two-year graduate program explores the strategic role of interaction design in shaping everyday life and intends to increase the relevancy of design to business and society so designers can make a difference. It seeks to cultivate interaction design as a discipline and further its visibility as a community of practice.

Free and open to the public