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Presented by Continuing Education MPS Digital Photography and CE Photography and Video

SVA at Photoville 2021

September 18 - December 1, 2021
A photograph of a woman from the chest up standing in front of an ornately-wallpapered wall. The wallpaper is pale blue, and there are green plants with orange flowers sticking out of woven pots. The woman is painted with the same pattern to blend into the wallpaper, with only her brown hair standing out.

Cecelia Paredes, Blue Landscape, 2007.


Sat, Sep 18; 1:00 - 8:00pm

SVA Continuing Education (SVACE) and MPS Digital Photography will each present displays at New York City’s 2021 Photoville Festival, both located at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 3. Attend the Opening Day event on Saturday, September 18, 1:00 – 8:00pm, to see the debut of these SVA exhibitions, hear live music, participate in fun activities and eat at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg.

These Years

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of its annual Art & Activism event series, SVACE presents an exhibition of images from our community—faculty, students, alumni and friends—that addresses the global events of the last five years. From fraught and revolutionary political elections, to the racial justice and gender equity movements that have rocked the world, to the accelerating climate catastrophe and the pandemic that has changed our lives and our hearts, the SVACE community has been watching, learning and producing throughout. Our community is transcultural, transgenerational and always on the move. Together, we channel that energy to make our voices heard, tell our stories and triumphs and inspire both action and compassion in our neighborhoods. Learn more about the exhibition here.

On Turning 10: An i3 Family Album

For 10 years and counting, the i3 Lecture Series has strived to be an open and inclusive forum for our industry. Presented bi-weekly by the Masters in Digital Photography program, we have endeavored to bring a steady stream of ideas, images and inspiration to our audiences. Our speakers represent both the state-of-the-art and the broadest spectrum of photographic practice. To date, our extensive video archive includes well over 150 speakers and is available online to the general public. With this exhibition, we celebrate our community and our journey. Selected works explore the themes of family, love and interconnectedness. Learn more about the exhibition here.

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