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SVA Motion Graphics 2021 Portfolio Screening

Featuring motion-graphics work by members of the BFA Design class of 2021
May 10 - June 18, 2021
A graphic for the SVA BFA Design 2021 Motion Graphics screening, featuring white text on a grainy, ombre light blue background.

Watch the amazing motion-graphics projects created by members of the talented BFA Design class of 2021! The work you will see was created around the world by students who, like the rest of us, spent months in quarantine and socially isolated. Despite the many difficulties they faced, they triumphed by producing the brilliant work you will see next week.

School of Visual Arts Motion Screening 2021
Motion Graphics work by the graduating class of 2021 Show package designed and animated by Meitar Almog. Creative direction by Ori Kleiner. Show package's original score design by Daniel Bloch In Memory of Benita Raphan The final five pieces were created by third year students.

These projects were created under the creative guidance of motion portfolio instructors Greg Lee, Hyesung Park, Gerald Mark Soto and Jungin Chloé Yun. The show package was designed and animated by fourth-year BFA Design student Meitar Almog and beautifully scored by Daniel Bloch.

Free and open to the public
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