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SVA Short Film Fest 2015

May 18, 2015; 6:00 - 10:00pm
SVA Short Film Festival poster with angular, faceted design

A screening of thesis works by members of the MPS Live Action Short Film class of 2015.

Film line up includes:

[ggu:m], by Gilwoo Lee, about a Korean cab driver who must overcome adversities as an alien in an unknown city.

Black Box, by Ten Tosatid Darnkhuntod, about a black box theater where guests can be anyone, anything or anywhere. All you have to do is surrender--and believe.

Cork Man, by Dawn Han, about a man with a cork in his head who withdraws from the world until one night he crosses paths with a mysterious figure.

Dreamer, by Luke Ge Lu, about a DJ who learns the price of dreams.

Dry/Clean, by Frank Kaiyu Wang, about a jealous wife who unwittingly pushes her husband to commit the unthinkable.

Gone Into The Clearing, by Meredith Veach, about a young man who attempts to escape society to explore the trails of the Shenandoah Valley, only to find that his trip is not as he had planned.

Isolated Incident, by Daniel S. W. Park, about a racist cop whose grief leads to fear and rage as he targets an interracial couple.

Inferno, by Alcee Walker, about a young black man, abused by his mother and the streets where he grew up, who must transform his demons into muses.

Lady, by Francisco Corredoira Pena, about a man who has one day to change his life for the girl of his dreams.

Remembrance, by Andrew Sammarco, about a son whose sudden loss leaves him struggling with his choices.

Where’s Your Boyfriend?, by Jessicya Materano, about a career-oriented woman named Maggie who turns to Tinder in search of the boyfriend she already told her mother she has.

Free and open to the public