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Tales from the Crit #2

August 18 - September 8, 2018
Photograph of main entryway of gallery with paintings on either side of a hallway, with exhibition title above paintings on the right.

School of Visual Arts presents “Tales from the Crit #2,” an exhibition of work by figurative artists from the BFA Illustration class of 2018. Curated by department chair Thomas Woodruff, “Tales from the Crit #2” is on view Saturday, August 18, through Saturday, September 8, at the SVA Gramercy Gallery, 209 East 23rd Street, New York City.

Far from focusing solely on editorial illustration, BFA Illustration fosters creative variety, educating young artists with real skills and conceptual problem-solving acumen for myriad fields. “Many graduates have gone on to have illustrious (no pun intended) gallery careers,” Woodruff says, “and we are certain that this talented bunch, with their exquisite sensibilities, will ascend the steep inclines of the art world hierarchy. Remember their names, because you will see their work again.”

As is tradition with SVA BFA Illustration exhibitions, there is no definitive “look” to the works on view. Diversity is paramount, and the common thread is a celebration of craft in the service of content. Mood, atmosphere, humor, identity, sexuality, beauty, fantasy and perversity are all explored by the participating young artists.

The artists are Anna Bida, Annabelle Doan, Sara Jackson, Annie Kim, Pierce Kinnally, Jia Lee, Haleigh Mun, Evan Pavley, Taylor Pelton, Chelsea Rust, Brooke Yakkey and Brianna Yovino.

Free and open to the public
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