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The Masters Series: George Lois

October 4 - October 21

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"The Masters Series: George Lois," October 9 - 21 1994

Masters Series: George Lois

ADVERTISING LEGEND GEORGE LOIS To present "MASTER SERIES," - a Retrospective Exhibition Exhibit set for October 4 to October 21, 1994

An acknowledged giant in the field of creative advertising, GEORGE LOIS will present an exhibition of his work in graphic design and advertising art entitled "The Master Series" at the Visual Arts Museum at the School of Visual Arts.

The resounding raison d'etre of the life of George Lois, and the theme of the exhibition, is to underline his one and only rule in creating communications: "Always, always go for The Big Idea." According to Mr. Lois, "In the world of communications, visual and aesthetic awareness and excitement means nothing unless a fresh, audacious solution to a problem literally surprises the eye and the mind."

That unrelenting goal - solving each and every marketing problem - triggers the creative mind of George Lois. A firm believer in pounding his message home with instantaneous results, Mr. Lois has played a role in the successful marketing of the nation's largest companies, including Time Warner, Reebok, Pepsi and the AFL-CIO, billing over $144 million in fees last year. "George Lois believes that a good ad should work by tomorrow morning," say Andrew Jaffe, executive editor of Adweek. "You need to knock 'em dead right away or it's no good. 

Lois started in the advertising business when he was nineteen, an " 'enfant terrible' from the streets of New York," he says of himself, "a kind of maverick of advertising." Influenced by "people like Cassandre, the French poster designer, and Paul Rand," Lois strove to create punchy, eye-poking ads that moved rather than explained. In 1960, Lois left Doyle Dane Bernback to form his own ad agency, Lois/USA, which thrives today.

Free and open to the public
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