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The Masters Series: George Tscherny

October 6 - October 23

A wall displaying pieces of art.
"The Master Series: George Tscherny," October 6 - 23, 1992

Masters Series: George Tscherny

Tscherny Retrospective to be Exhibited at the Visual Arts Museum

from October 6 to 23, 1992

SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS has chosen New York graphic designer GEORGE TSCHERNY as the recipient of its 1993 Masters Series Award.

Mr. Tscherny will be represented in the retrospective by 180 works encompassing corporate and institutional work ranging from the design of a postage stamp to the implementation of corporate identification programs for major US and international corporations. 

For over four decades, George Tscherny has serviced the communications needs and created the visual identities for some of the world's most prestigious corporations. Among these are General Dynamics, Mobil, Johnson & Johnson, Air Canada, IBM and RCA. He has also worked with the American Lung Assoc., the Public Broadcasting Network, the Peace Corps, and the United Nations. A native New Yorker, Mr. Tscherny served two terms as President of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Mr. Tscherny was honored by that organization with a gold medal "in recognition of distinguished achievements and contributions to the graphic arts." The medal is the AIGA's highest honor for career-long contributions to the graphic design field.

Exhibit Curator and Chairman of the School of Visual Arts, Silas H. Rhodes said about George Tscherny's work, "Mr. Tscherny's designs are disarmingly simple. Graphics are used to enhance content, not to decorate or hide it. Photography, collage and illustrations are used to create playful, often witty, environments. The work is elegant but never chic; serious but never pretentious; disciplined but never dull; his posters, annual reports, mailing pieces, catalogs, packaging, trade advertisements, corporate images and trade marks delight the eye and revive the spirit. They shatter once and for all the myth of the incompatibility of commercial enterprise and graphic integrity.

Free and open to the public
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