The Project Class: Adaptations

May 16, 2016, 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

In a darkly lit room and book is held up by a persons hand at a slanted angle. In the center of the book there is a projection of "Ten Short Films From The Project Class" encased in a white light.
Credit: Image by Luke Guyer and Amaurys Grullon

BFA Design presents a screening of "Adaptations," a series of 12 short films made by students in the Project Class, taught by MPS Directing Chair Bob Giraldi, faculty member Jason Cicci and Patti Greaney.

Participating students include Joon Ho Ahn, Amaurys Grullon, Luke Guyer, Patrick House, Youri Hwang, Avni Jain, Minchai Lee, Soobin Oh, Stuti Purohit, Gunjan Shah and Yuchen Xu. Curated by Anelisa Garfunkel, director of operations, MPS Directing, and Megan Hessenthaler.

Free and open to the public