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The Tide

March 19 - April 9, 2016
An art gallery


Tue, Mar 29; 6:00 - 8:00pm

School of Visual Arts presents “The Tide,” an exhibition of work by SVA students selected by a jury of their peers to exhibit at the College. Organized by SVA Galleries, “The Tide” is on view Saturday, March 19, through Saturday, April 9, at the SVA Flatiron Gallery, 133/141 West 21st Street, New York City.

Inspired by the inner workings of the mind, particularly the relationship between memory and perception, as well as the legacy of abstraction and surrealism, the work in the exhibition evokes the ebb and flow of observation, senses and thoughts. Participating artists include Fana Feng, Yuan Lu, Susan Luss, Justine Morrow, Bat Ami Rivlin, Ji Won Sim, Thomas Slattery, Yunling Song, John Patrick Wells and Li Yao.

The mixed-media collages of MFA Photography, Video and Related Media student Fana Feng are inspired by the surrealist movement.

The dark photographic imagery of MPS Digital Photography student Yuan Lu is suggestive of animal and human flesh, as well as food.

MFA Fine Arts student Susan Luss uses found objects such as cable ties to create colorful installations.

MAT Art Education student Justine Morrow’s graphite drawings depict bodies in motion.

BFA Fine Arts student Bat Ami Rivlin’s flesh-like sculptures evoke human skin.

BFA Fine Arts student Ji Won Sim creates colorful abstract paintings inspired by the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.

MFA Visual Narrative student Thomas Slattery’s videos explore the hyper-reality of Disneyland.

MFA Computer Art student Yunling Song’s photographs are created from audiovisual experiments in particle dynamics.

The mixed-media sculptures of BFA Fine Arts student John Patrick Wells are composed of wood, foam and other materials.

BFA Fine Arts student Li Yao’s conceptual work combines video and sculpture.

Juried exhibitions are a way for SVA’s student body to recognize the achievements of their most distinguished classmates. Exhibiting artists are selected from a large pool of applicants through a rigorous examination of presented materials, including documentation of work and artist statements.

Free and open to the public
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