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Presented by Continuing Education CE Visual and Critical Studies CE Fine Arts and CE Online Courses

The Unknown Future

Apr 7, 2021; 7:00 - 8:00pm
person wearing white standing next to a body of water with a white bucket on their head and arms bent out to sides.

Taja Lindley, The Water Bearer: HERE I Am HOME - A Ritual for the Opening Ceremonies of the Age of Aquarius.

Credit: Photo by Chance Epps

Join this virtual omni-sensorial experiential presentation featuring 13 conceptual works (1 – 2 minutes each) from the participants in the SVA Continuing Education course, What’s The Big Idea?, led by artist Ed Woodham.

What’s The Big Idea? is an introduction to conceptual art. Participants conceptualize, develop, create and share accessible original works that combine methods from a variety of creative techniques: observation, critical thinking, problem-solving, writing, performance, installation and video. This course is a wonderful opportunity to experiment with your imagination, collaborate with others and understand how ideas are materialized.

Bring your critical eye and mind. Then relax.

Participating artists: Cathy Brown, Christine Defazio, Courtney Frances Fallon, Rina Espiritu, Terry Hardy, Rong Li, Taja Lindley, Tammy Pittman, Ben Putnam, Angel Thompson, Jessica Valoris, Tien Li Wu and Jenna Zilincar.

Moderated by Ed Woodham, artist

Ed Woodham is the program coordinator for Situation as Site: Social Performance and Interventions, a new online residency being offered this summer that brings together artists, scholars and activists to re-imagine social and socially-engaged art. You can find out more about this and our other residency programs on our website.

Free and open to the public