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Venture 16: MFA Design Thesis Launch

April 23 - May 16, 2016
In an empty tiled floor room there are two large presentation monitors, both depicting the same image. It presents a blue slanted grid  screen of "Venture 16" for the MFA Design Thesis Forum by Sabri Akin.


Mon, May 16; 6:00 - 8:00pm

School of Visual Arts presents “Venture 16: Entrepreneurship Unfolded,” an exhibition of thesis projects by 19 graduating MFA Design students. “Venture 16” is on view Saturday, April 23, through Monday, May 16, at the SVA Gramercy Gallery, 209 East 23rd Street, New York City.

Encouraged to create original content and to design and develop a ready-to-launch thesis project, students devised innovative and market-ready ventures, including products, services, apps, and more.

Curiocity (curiocity.co.in), by Bhavika Aggarwal, is a social enterprise launched in Delhi, India, that allows children to play and learn from their cities by discovering local monuments and history.

Sabri Akin’s Paries (paries.co) is an online community for emerging artists and designers to share projects and progress, receive feedback and build networks.

Yaxin Bai’s PICD is a digital service that helps travelers document their experiences by connecting them with local photographers.

PREM (premthailand.com), by Kritbodee Chaicharoen, is a lifestyle brand offering affordable household goods created by Thai designers.

MXD (wearemxd.com), by Rachel Costantino, is a social fitness platform that allows users to share exercise routines, schedules and workout playlists.

Yaman Hu’s Blue Point (bluepointarts.com) is an online art gallery that offers affordable, limited-edition prints for young Chinese professionals.

Transversal (transversal.city), by Lívia Ito, is a mobile urban guide to São Paulo, offering neighborhood tours curated by local architects.

Sandra Kleinwechter’s O (@weareotheapp) is a mobile dating app based solely on the user’s voice.

Danchu Pharmacy, by Di Kong, provides herbal remedies and traditional Chinese medicine, sourced from high-quality herbs and extracts, to treat female patients.

Mogu, by Qiushuo Li, is a Chinese snowboarding outerwear brand that collaborates with designers and illustrators to create unique, customized hoodies.

Fenghe Luo’s WTF NYC (wtfnyc-store.com) is a line of New York City souvenirs designed with humor and a sense of belonging.

Here&There (letsgohereandthere.com), by Radhika Maheshwari, is a website that offers tailored suggestions to users for weekend getaways.

Melisa Z. Ozkan’s Designer’s Cut (designerscut.co) is a website featuring videos of designers sharing stories about the films that have inspired them.

Kiddo, by Goeun Seo, is an app that helps children express their creativity through designing outfits for dolls.

Basicly (basicly.co), by Kaitlyn Trout, is a mobile app for women that allows them to shop for their wardrobe based on recommendations by other women of a similar body type.

Yafei Wang’s Uncover (uncoverbooks.com) is an online platform that showcases independent bookmakers and publishers, and connects them with enthusiasts.

Jasper (jaspercannabis.com), by Sarah Wilson, is a compact device that simplifies the consumption of medical marijuana by combining a grinder, storage container and smoking device.

Kristine Windfelt’s 4th Base (4thbase.org) is a platform for young adults that facilitates peer-to-peer conversations about sexuality and sex education.

Yanqiong Zeng’s Chaimi (chaimigathering.com) is a pop-up dining experience that collaborates with New York City restaurants and chefs to share Chinese cuisine.

MFA Design at SVA, also known as MFA Designer as Author and Entrepreneur, launched in 1998 as an alternative to traditional master's programs, which emphasize form over content. MFA Design provides the tools, inspiration and experience to ensure that students transcend the common definition of designers as solely service providers to become individual and collaborative authors and originators of content.

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