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Whistling Whims

July 15 - August 5, 2017
An Asian spread including a Fazai Mao, candles, and a ting yang symbol.
Credit: Image: Rujie Wang


Tue, Jul 18; 6:00 - 8:00pm

School of Visual Arts presents “Whistling Whims,” an exhibition of works by SVA students selected by a jury of their peers. Organized by SVA Galleries, “Whistling Whims” is on view Saturday, July 15, through Saturday, August 5, at the SVA Flatiron Gallery, 141/133 West 21st Street, New York City.

Participating artists include Adam Cable, Zoe Frederick, Sungpyo Hong, Dongjun Kim, Toma Vagner and Rujie Wang.

“Whistling Whims” features work that transforms common materials and subject matter into new, experimental vehicles of expression. Easily recognizable forms are manipulated and placed in unfamiliar contexts to provoke critical questioning on the part of the viewer. Works include illustrations, sculptures, photographs and digital collages.

Adam Cable (MFA Photography, Video and Related Media) constructs assemblages using common objects and appropriated photos in an on-going dialogue between his own experiences and the surrounding world.

Zoe Frederick’s (MFA Fine Arts) woven sculptures delve into the world of crafting, definitions of feminism and functional versus nonfunctional by altering readymade craft materials and consumer goods.

Sungpyo Hong‘s (BFA Design) three posters were inspired by the rotational movements used in creating ceramics.

Dongjun Kim’s (MFA Computer Art) videos investigate the procedures by which the mass media manipulates information to alter its audience‘s mindset.

Toma Vagner’s (BFA Illustration) illustrations collage various motifs inspired by graphic commodities such as Japanese bubblegum wrappers and IKEA manuals.

Rujie Wang (BFA Photo and Video) digitally collages materials, specifically made in China and bought at 99-cent stores, to show the mass accumulation of goods affects the perception of Westerners in Chinese culture.

Juried exhibitions are a way for SVA’s student body to recognize the achievements of their most distinguished classmates. Artists are selected from a large pool of applicants to the annual SVA Galleries call for entries, whose submissions undergo a rigorous examination of presented materials, including documentation of work and artist statements.

Free and open to the public
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