Painter; principal, creative director, American Creative Trends, Inc.

BFA Illustration


MFA, School of Visual Arts

Professional experience includes

Director, Office of Programs for International Students, School of Visual Arts

One-person exhibitions include

Gallery Yegam Art; Chosun-Ilbo Gallery, Seoul; School of Visual Arts; Agbae Gallery, Kwangju, Korea; Sanmaroo Gallery, Tenafly, NJ; Soomok Gallery, Seoul; East-West Cultural Study Gallery; National Arts Club

Books include

The World of Illustration; A Survey of Illustration; The Man Who Picked a Big Apple; Growing the Imagination: Art, Education, Theory and Practice

Publications include

Monthly Design (Korea), HOW, Illustration (Japan), Graphic Design (Korea), Playboy, Adweek, The New York Times Book Review, Racquet, Cosma, Korean Times Magazine, The Chosun-Ilbo (Korea), SVA Insider Monthly