Painter; principal, creative director, American Creative Trends, Inc.

English and the Visual Arts BFA Fine Arts


MFA, School of Visual Arts

Professional experience includes

Director, Office of Programs for International Students, School of Visual Arts

One-person exhibitions include

Gallery Yegam Art; Chosun-Ilbo Gallery, Seoul; School of Visual Arts; Agbae Gallery, Kwangju, Korea; Sanmaroo Gallery, Tenafly, NJ; Soomok Gallery, Seoul; East-West Cultural Study Gallery; National Arts Club

Books include

The World of Illustration; A Survey of Illustration; The Man Who Picked a Big Apple; Growing the Imagination: Art, Education, Theory and Practice

Publications include

Monthly Design (Korea), HOW, Illustration (Japan), Graphic Design (Korea), Playboy, Adweek, The New York Times Book Review, Racquet, Cosma, Korean Times Magazine, The Chosun-Ilbo (Korea), SVA Insider Monthly