Designer, inventor; founder, Principled Design

MFA Design for Social Innovation


BA, MA, Catholic University of Leuven; MA, New York University


Clients include

Empathic Technologies. Former clients include: Nivea, Ralph Lauren, Lubrizol, Girl Scouts of America


Publications include

Quartz; Adjacent, the ITP & IMA Journal of Emerging Media; Fundamentals of Wearable Computers and Augmented Reality; Research Journal of Textile and Apparel; Keho; Architectural Digest; Desiring Technologies Case Studies in the Coming of Being of Wearable Technologies; 1000 (little tips of communication); Personal and Ubiquitous Computing; What + If, The Research Journal of the NCR Knowledge Lab


Awards and honors include

Short Term Scientific Mission Award, European Network to Connect Research and Innovation Efforts on Advanced Smart Textiles; Human Data Interaction Grant, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Technē Fellowship, National Productivity Investment Fund; Grant, WEAR Sustain, Horizon Europe