Headshot of Prof. Jeremy Cohan, in front of bookshelf
Credit: Neel Dhanesha
Director, Honors Program, School of Visual Arts; sociologist
MFA Art Practice Honors Program Art History BFA Visual & Critical Studies


BA, with honors, University of Chicago; teaching certification, Pace University; M.Phil., PhD, New York University

Professional experience includes

Chair, MA Critical Theory and the Arts Department, School of Visual Arts; president, Society for Psychoanalytic Inquiry

Publications include

Political Economy and Social Movements​, The Long Shadow of Capital: Studies in the Political Economy of Neoliberalism​, Damage Magazine​, The Point​

Presentations include

“The Political Economy of Corporate School Reform in Chicago: Crisis-Management, Elite Plans, and Systemic Churn,” American Sociological Association, LLM Roundtable; “Class Politics By Any Other Name: The Drift of the Center-Left in the Advanced Capitalist Economies,” International Sociological Association, World Congress of Sociology; “A Drama that finds the Chinks in Society’s Armor: Theodor Adorno and Alain Badiou on the work of Samuel Beckett,” Symposium on Philosophy, Society and the work of Samuel Beckett, School of Visual Arts; “Between Strategies and Farewells: Labor, Strategy, and Capital in the Social Theory of André Gorz,” Social Theory Workshop, University of Chicago; “Lukács’s Abyss,” Institute of Culture and Society Conference, University of Illinois at Chicago; “Foucault’s Detours,” Cultural Studies Association Annual Convention, Chicago

Awards and Honors include

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award, New York University; Henry M. MacCracken Fellowship, New York University; Scholar-in-Residence, Home School 3, Art Space, Chicago; John Billing Fiske Poetry Prize, University of Chicago