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Fine artist, art historian, curator
Art History


MA, New York University; MFA, School of Visual Arts

Curatorial projects include

“North to South,” “Tania Browitt and Bryan Strauss: Before, Fall & After,” “Alejandro Merizalde & Rojeh Torosian: portraits C/on/verge,” “Michael (Muth) Michielle and Sun PK (Peter Kwaloff) Cosm(et)ic,” “Lusya Kotlar: Postmodern Dada?” “Matvey Basov: Spirit and Matter,” “Juan Carbia: Globules, Spheres, Planets,” “Vyacheslav Shevchuk: Ukrainian/Chinese Visuality,” “Constantine Gedal and Victor Zinuhov: Carnal Forms,” “Leonard Kogan: Mirage,” “Martina Fischer: Beings/Wesen,” “Ricky Allman: Index or Symptom?” “Lisa DiDonato: The Mutable,” “Yoichi Ota: Vague Snapshots,” “Sue Karnet: Altamira,” Globe Institute of Technology

Publications include

Martina Fischer: Visceral Mirrors; Martina Fischer: Corporeal Visuality; New York Arts; Armenian Reporter