Roswitha Rodrigues

Co-founder, creative director, Magical Monkey

BFA Design CE Design


BA, Conservatory of Music, Vienna; MA, with honors, University of Vienna; School of Visual Arts

Professional experience includes

Director, producer, Fovea Films; design director, Ryan Drossman MARC, USA

Clients have included

A&E, History Channel, Arm & Hammer, CUNY, Fiji Water, Gym Source, HarperCollins, Jatheon, LRC South Africa, Moviefone, The New York Times, Nikkei America, Planned Parenthood, Verio, Rheingold Brewing Company, Scholastic, TDK, Vertis, Warner Books

Festivals and screenings include

Bangkok Design Week; Documentary Edge Festival; Transatlantyk Festival; A-Design Film Festival; International Motion Festival, Cyprus; International Documentary Film Festival; Pause Fest; Seattle Design Fest; OxDocs; Design Indaba Festival; Toronto Digifest

Awards and honors include

Gold Paragon Award, Silver Medallion Award, National Council for Marketing and Public Relations; Silver Award, Promax; American Corporate Identity Award; Print Regional Design Annual; Advertising Women of New York; GDUSA; Graphis Design Annual; International Design Award, Self-Promotion Design Award, HOW; Creativity Award, Ad Age