Abstract illustration with oil pastels. A large yellow wheel holds 5 different faces, with one in the middle.

March 2024 Exhibitions and Events at SVA

This month’s offerings include thesis events, exhibitions and talks addressing topics ranging from social justice, grief and AI’s impact on the future of labor.

Maeri Ferguson
February 29, 2024
Brightly colored illustration of a wide-eyed fish peaking through some underwater foliage. Other fish and smaller creatures surround him.

Top Projects on SVA Portfolios for February 2024

The month’s notable projects included a World Wildlife Federation design project, a typography thesis work, and a ‘Street Fighter’ illustration based on the popular video game.

February 28, 2024
Painting of a human figure in what seems to be a running position. On the background there seems to be a dead animal. The painting is in largely brown and dark yellow tones, and it is covered in textured strokes and paint splatters.

Highlights of Marshall Arisman’s Memorial Exhibition, “Does That Make Sense?”

Show curator Riccardo Vecchio reflects on some favorite pieces and what they say about the late artist.

Maeri Ferguson
February 27, 2024
Picture of a few children looking at framed artwork at a museum exhibition.

‘Five Senses of Chinatown’ at the Museum of Chinese in America

Artwork by an MAT Art Education student’s middle school class is featured in an exhibition at the cultural institution.

Kylie Mitchell
February 22, 2024
Illustration styled like a collage with several cut outs of city scapes mixed in with CIA badges and 100 dollar bills. In the center of the image a hand holds a box with a yellow note on top.

The Five: Nicole Rifkin, Rebecca Sugar and More SVA Artists in the Press

In this week’s ‘The Five,’ SVA’s talented community members are seen in such publications as ‘The New York Times,’ ‘Creative Boom’ and ‘Vulture.’

Maeri Ferguson
February 21, 2024
Two glowy, color pencil illustrations in largely yellow and bright tones, with purple details. One of them shows a small child at a woman's feet, and the next one shows a large woman holding the child in her hands close to her face. There is a tag that reads "Hope" coming from the top of the woman's head.

SVA Alumni Scholarship Awards 2024: Pushing Boundaries and Expanding Possibilities

86 students will receive $62,000 this year to fund their thesis or portfolio projects.

February 20, 2024
Poster of a dark blue wall with framed illustrations on it. The central illustration depicts a blue and a pink character, the blue has a whole on their chest were a pink flower grows, and the pink one has a speech bubble with a heart on it. The text on the poster reads "Hope Art Competition 2024" on top and "Better together. Resilient together" on the bottom.

2024 Annual HOPE Art Competition Winners

The annual poster campaign presented by SVA Student Health and Counseling Services returned this year with the theme of “Better Together. Resilient Together.”

Kylie Mitchell
February 19, 2024
A man with gray hair, wearing a black jacket, smiling as he stands next to a poster in the subway.

MFA Illustration Chair Riccardo Vecchio Stays ‘Sharp’ With New SVA Subway Poster [Video]

The longtime faculty member and SVA alumnus was named the chair of the College’s MFA Illustration as Visual Essay program last summer.

February 14, 2024
Sculptures made in black wire of several large scale ballerinas dancing around a white room. Sculptures made in black wire of several large scale ballerinas dancing around a white room.

Portfolio: Minseop Yoon

The artist’s sculptures are created using a technique that she calls “drawing in space.”

Joyce Rutter Kaye
February 13, 2024
Illustration with a style reminiscent of traditional Chinese paintings, depicting a Chinese town celebrating new year's over a river, with fireworks in the sky and a big dragon looking down on them.

SVA Community Members Triumph at The Society Of Illustrators’ ‘Illustrators 66’ Awards

February 9, 2024