Four spreads of a sketchbook with a variety of different colorful gouache paint illustrations.

Drawn from Life: SVA Alumnus Selina Alko Embraces Complexity in her Picture Books

In her books for young readers, the illustrator addresses difficult subjects with warmth and sensitivity.

Claire Lui
June 20, 2024
A woman in a white dress wearing a black mask sits in the middle of a green park space.

Summer 2024 NYC Museum Highlights

The Whitney Biennial, an array of stunning fiber arts and reclaimed stories of history and identity await at these accessible and affordable exhibitions on view across New York City.

Kylie Mitchell
June 13, 2024
Father and daughter sit together tenderly in their backyard shed in New York's Lower East Side.

June Talks and Lectures at SVA

Talks at the School of Visual Arts this month include MPS Digital Photography’s i3: Images, Ideas, Inspiration lectures, an MFA Visual Narrative Storyteller’s Series talk and more.

Maeri Ferguson
June 11, 2024
Two men, one in a gray shirt on the left, the one on the right in black, fist bump each other wearing colorful gloves while staring at the camera on the cover of 'People' magazine.

The Five: SVA Alumni Shoot Covers for ‘People,’ ‘Variety’ and More

In this week’s ‘The Five,’ a roundup of prominent magazine covers photographed by School of Visual Arts alumni

Rodrigo Perez
June 10, 2024
Three images from the animated movie 'Robot Dreams.' The first image is the series poster, depicting a robot and a dog-like creature walking across a fictional New York City populated by antropomorphic animals.  The other two images are stills from the movie, the first one which shows the robot and the dog at the beach, and the second one that shows them walking across snowy streets.

SVA Grad Sara Varon on ‘Robot Dreams,’ the New Movie Based on Her Graphic Novel

The graphic novelist and illustrator talks about the adaptation process and what she learned from her SVA program chair.

Rodrigo Perez
June 5, 2024
A colorful, kaleidoscopic poster of a bustling metropolis cityscape filled with various cartoon characters.

SVA Subway Series: Gary Panter’s “Art Is!” Poster Gets a Second Look

The former SVA faculty member’s 2020 Subway SVA poster wasn’t well-seen during the COVID age, so it’s getting another shot this summer.

June 4, 2024
Three pictures of an old smartphone with colorful illustrations on each of them. The first one has a green background and depicts an abstracted face with a big colorful tongue and tears falling from the eyes. the second one has an orange background and depicts a flower with a face looking up at a butterfly. the third one depicts a bee with a honeypot on top of a flower, both the flower and the bees have faces and they're looking at each other fondly.

Top Projects on SVA Portfolios for May 2024

The month’s notable projects include phone doodles made on an iPhone, a Spring-themed fashion photo shoot, and an identity design project for the Caldera Arts’ annual Hearth Festival.

May 29, 2024
A group of graduating students posing outside Radio City Music Hall.

“The World is a Better Place with You, Artists”: Highlights from SVA's 2024 Commencement

Kylie Mitchell
May 28, 2024
 A luminous mushroom in a dark background with an expanding mycelium network below it.

June 2024 Exhibitions and Events at SVA

This month at the School of Visual Arts: thesis exhibitions, juried shows and photographer talks

Maeri Ferguson
May 28, 2024
Renaissance style portraits of the founding MFA Design co-chairs Steven Heller and Lita Talarico. Each of them is surrounded by ornamental illustrated frames, and they are facing each other. Below each of them are words that read "Double Visionaries"

26 Years of MFA Design at SVA with Steven Heller and Lita Talarico

The outgoing founders and co-chairs of the MFA Design Department at the School of Visual Arts look back on a quarter-century of their paradigm-shifting program.

Anne Quito
May 22, 2024