A group of graduating students posing outside Radio City Music Hall.

“The World is a Better Place with You, Artists”: Highlights from SVA's 2024 Commencement

Kylie Mitchell
May 28, 2024
 A luminous mushroom in a dark background with an expanding mycelium network below it.

June 2024 Exhibitions and Events at SVA

This month at the School of Visual Arts: thesis exhibitions, juried shows and photographer talks

Maeri Ferguson
May 28, 2024
Renaissance style portraits of the founding MFA Design co-chairs Steven Heller and Lita Talarico. Each of them is surrounded by ornamental illustrated frames, and they are facing each other. Below each of them are words that read "Double Visionaries"

26 Years of MFA Design at SVA with Steven Heller and Lita Talarico

The outgoing founders and co-chairs of the MFA Design Department at the School of Visual Arts look back on a quarter-century of their paradigm-shifting program.

Anne Quito
May 22, 2024
Two images. First: Portrait of a man, Gary Simmons, standing in front of a black wall with white, green and blue paint smudges and starts. The man is wearing a cap, an adidas jacket, and thick gloves. Second: Detail picture of a faded white chalkboard illustration on a dark grey background

The Five: Artist and SVA Alumnus Gary Simmons in the Press

The acclaimed artist, who will be honored at the 2024 School of Visual Arts commencement exercises, has been featured recently in ‘Interview,’ ‘The New York Times,’ CNN and more.

Maeri Ferguson
May 16, 2024
A collage of imagery from various animated short films; an old woman talking to a little girl in a playground, a teddy bear in a store, a mother holding the hair of her daughter and an blue animated elf-like creature wearing a party hat.

Screen Gems: SVA Thesis Films to Check Out This Weekend

Head to the SVA Theatre for a full slate of screenings by BFA 3D Animation and VFX and MPS Film Directing.

Maeri Ferguson
May 15, 2024
Black and white graphite illustration of the outline of a white horse laying down on tall grass.

Meet 2024 SVA Alumni Scholarship Award Winner Yuke

The fourth-year BFA Illustration student’s award-winning thesis project is a picture book called ‘One Last Adventure.’

May 14, 2024
A triptych collage of imagery, from the left; black and white images of people posing and smiling, in the middle, a poster for the project ANKA with a child smiling, featured in the center; on the right, abstract red and beige images of a new video game console project.

A Call to Change: Three 2024 SVA Thesis Projects Focused on Making a Difference

Maeri Ferguson
May 9, 2024
Still from a stop motion film depicting a blonde female character in blue clothes laying unconscious in a fleshy pink floor with neon green goopy substances around her and swirly hair-like things coming from the floor.

Meet 2024 SVA Alumni Scholarship Award Winners Michael Dondero and Shengnan Dong

The graduating MFA Computer Arts students’ award-winning thesis project is a short animated film called ‘Nostril.’

May 7, 2024
Portrait of a group of people dressed up at an LGBT rave.

SVA Grad Emma Rose Milligan on Breaking Out in the Photo Editorial Field

In the last seven months, Milligan’s work has appeared in ‘The Washington Post,’ ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and ‘The New York Times.’

Rodrigo Perez
May 6, 2024
Several pictures in a collage of cardboard boxes decorated with the interior of a room, and colorful graphics on the outside. There's also a young man's face on each side of the box, each side with a different angle of it.

Top Projects on SVA Portfolios for April 2024

The month’s notable projects included a type design riff on a famous SVA poster, a charming children’s illustration, and a project from a ‘Creative Thinkers Wanted’ Continuing Education course.

May 1, 2024