Updates on the Fall 2020 Semester
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The School of Visual Arts frequently reproduces student work and photographs of campus activities in its publications and promotional materials. If you agree to have your work or likeness published in these materials you should indicate your acceptance below and sign this Artwork and Model Release Form. When you accept the terms described, you are not relinquishing ownership of your artwork; you are merely giving the College permission to reproduce your work or likeness in order to promote itself and its students.

In connection with the promotion or publicity of the College or for education or accreditation purposes (“Permitted Use”), I authorize the use by the School of Visual Arts and its agents (the “College”) in any type of media or manner of (1) any artwork prepared by me at any time while a student at the College, including the right to display, copy or perform in whole or in part any item and (2) my name, voice, image, likeness and/or biographical data at any time. I release the College from any claim I have or may have for copyright infringement, invasion of privacy or any other claim in connection with a Permitted Use and I waive any right therein, including moral rights or the right to review or approve any such Permitted Use.

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