An animation still, featuring a small glowing white figure standing on a stack of books on a very cluttered desk.
Credit: Zijing Wu
Zijing Wu

Zijing Wu (MFA 2021 Computer Arts), still from After Spring, 2021, animation.

Several members of SVA’s class of 2021 have been shortlisted by industry experts for Arts Thread and Gucci’s Global Design Graduate Show. See below for a list, and vote for your favorite artists and designers here. Congratulations on all those who were shortlisted!

BFA Design: Moonyoung Choi, Zona Guan and Yangkai Lin; BFA Fine Arts: Srishti Dass; BFA Illustration: Qiyue Zhang; MFA Computer Arts: Kai Chuan Yang, Daiqi Cui and Zijing Wu; MFA Illustration as Visual Essay: Paul Michael Wright; MFA Products of Design: Bethany Fronhoffer, Kgothatso Lephoko and Yiming Xu.