Top left: an image of a screen print featuring a silhouette of a man blowing into a flower hung up on a pillar in front of a cloister. Top right: a woman in a mustard dress holds a drink and listens to someone out of frame speak. There are pillars in the background where more artworks are hung. Bottom: a group photo of many people, most of them are wearing green.

Gabriella Lincoln

Scenes from Friday’s vernissage of “Enduring Heritage” at Saint-Paul de Mausole, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. Hundreds gathered in the chapel and cloister for an evening of art, music, merriment and a glimpse of recent renovations to this historic site where Vincent van Gogh was once a patient. The “Enduring Heritage” exhibition of artworks by SVA alumni and clients of the Valetudo Institute is the latest of an 11-year collaboration begun by SVA Executive Vice President Anthony P. Rhodes (bottom, center) and Dr. Jean Marc Boulon, director of Valetudo (bottom, far left). For more information and images, click here. Photos: Gabriella Lincoln (BFA 2019 Photography).