Two images. On left, a photograph of a room with various art pieces hung up and resting on the ground, including a white stuffed animal with long arms, an abstract painting, and a sculptural piece that is jutting off of the wall in the form of a cubist bull head. On the right is a photograph of the same space from a different angle, showing two sculptural pieces, one is a red tube of fabric sewn into segments that all connect in a circle. Above this sculpture is an abstract form created out of transparent sheets of colored paper, there is a light behind it illuminating the piece

Yesterday marked the last day of “Material Mixtape,” a group show at the New Collectors gallery featuring works by 12 MFA Fine Arts candidates at SVA. The participating students, taught by artist James O. Clark, presented work in a diverse range of mediums. Artists included Taylor S. Bernstein, Tom Hecht, Jingyao Huang, Rosie K. Kim, Nianxin Li, Silvia Muleo, Pei Ou, Yuli Aloni Primor, Camila Varon, Lu Xia, Sora Xu and Kaiqing Yu. Photographs by Jingyao Huang.