Updates on Reopening SVA
Click below for info on our plans for 2021-2022, including the vaccine requirement for all students, faculty and staff.
Illustration of an anthropomorphic boombox.

WSVA is the college radio station of the School of Visual Arts. Throughout the year, student DJs and groups broadcast across an online server and into the homes and hearts of supporting listeners. WSVA is a free speech environment, giving students the ultimate opportunity to express their views and ideas in a world that is constantly evolving. Student DJs are encouraged to bring their charisma, invite musical guests to perform in the studio booth and to interview listeners and professionals in the industry, both live and via telephone. WSVA also has a massive music library that students can utilize to discover new bands and artists. 

Whether you're looking to produce a talk show, music show, newscast or otherwise, WSVA has you covered! The microphone is on...are you ready?

For more information, please or visit our website.