Updates on Reopening SVA
Click below for info on our plans for 2021-2022, including the vaccine requirement for all students, faculty and staff.
Supporting Students’ Well-Being
Artwork by Chenwei Xu

Art by Chenwei Xu

COVID-19 vaccine requirement

  • COVID-19 vaccine requirement

    • Upload your COVID-19 vaccine card/record to the Cleared4 tile on your myID.

    • If necessary, send any medicalreligious, or temporary exemption forms here. We will carefully review all requests and respond within 15 business days. 

    Nearby Bellevue is open Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm, hwoever there are many places to get vaccinated in New York City.

  • COVID-19 testing requirement for students not fully vaccinated

  • Daily health screening question - Cleared4

  • Re-opening SVA


  • How Do I Create an Account to Download My Health Insurance Card?

  • How Do I Log in to My Account to View My Card or Claims?

  • What Should I Bring When I Go to an Urgent Care Clinic or Doctor’s Office?

  • What Is the Name of SVA’s Health Insurance Plan?

Community of Mental Health Providers

Accessing Mental Health Services Outside of SVA

  • Steps for Accessing Mental Health Services for Students Without SVA Cigna Insurance

  • Steps for Accessing Mental Health Services for Students With SVA Cigna PPO Insurance

  • Accessing Mental Health Services for Students with International or Travelers Insurance

  • Additional resources to begin your search for a mental health provider outside of SVA

Meet Our Staff

Abby Wohl, BSN, RN
Abby Wohl, BSN, RN  Registered Nurse
Registered Nurse
Dr. Monica Michelle
Arielle Kempler LCSW
Arielle Kempler, LCSW
Dr. Mark Howell, PhD
Daniela Caraballo, LCSW
Daniela Caraballo

Speaks Spanish & English

Holly Fu, LCSW
Holly Fu

Speaks Mandarin and English

Brett Sharetts, LCSW
Brett Sharetts
Chelsea Peters
Temporary worker
Katheryn Rengifo
Temporary Worker
Matt Lee
Student Health & Counseling Services
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