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Department: Security
Job Type: Full-Time
Available From: Jul 14, 2021
Reports To: Shift Commander, Supervisor, Manager, Associate Di

WORK SCHEDULE: Full-time 35 hours/week (40 hours/week minus 5 hours /week for meal breaks). Must be available for two shifts.


4pm to 12am

12am to 8am

POSITION OVERVIEW: To protect the students, staff, faculty, visitors, and property of SVA.


  • Follow and carry out all instructions of the shift supervisors or other security management.
  • Detect unusual circumstances and/or suspicious individuals.
  • Detect defective doors, windows, locks, lights, and fire safety equipment while making periodic checks of the entire building.
  • Respond to alarms, disturbances, and potentially hazardous conditions and/or activities.
  • Deter unlawful entry onto the premises by undesirables and individuals with negative intentions.
  • Deter smoking on the premises and the perpetration of unlawful acts against the College and its community such as vandalism, burglaries, assaults, etc.
  • Report to supervisors all activities or observances that would or could allow harm to the people or property of the school or interfere with the duties and responsibilities of an officer.
  • Be presentable in a neat & clean uniform when stationed at a point of entry to a building/premises.
  • Provide necessary information to visitors and affiliates of the College such as directions and location of facilities, at all times displaying an acceptable degree of respect, professionalism, courtesy, and tolerance.
  • Patrol building by foot, at times having to move from one building to another.
  • Provide constant vigil on surveillance equipment (CCTV monitors) and alarms.
  • Log in entries in the daily activity logbook every hour or upon the occurrence of irregular/abnormal situations/circumstances.
  • Prepare or assist in the preparation of security reports.
  • Provides Meal Relief for one hour to other security officers as needed.


  • High School diploma or an equivalent education.
  • Security-related experience.
  • Accessible via phone during off-hours.
  • Ability to read, speak & write English fluently.
  • Good interpersonal communication skills to relate to the college community, visitors, and affiliates.
  • Available for overtime and to cover vacations, sick/personal days, etc.


  • All security officers must have a valid and active license or provide documentation that a license is pending at the time of hire.
  • All security officers are responsible for renewing their license each year to maintain employment.

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No walk-ins or calls, please. School of Visual Arts is an equal opportunity employer.

The School of Visual Arts is an equal opportunity employer. Diversity and inclusion is a core principle of the College. SVA enjoys a community that represents a significant number of historically underrepresented communities, ethnic and religious backgrounds, gender identities, diverse abilities, and foreign countries, and all are encouraged to apply.