Updates on Reopening SVA
Click below for info on our plans for 2021-2022, including the vaccine requirement for all students, faculty and staff.
desk covered in books and notebooks, coffee mug, a plant and a cup of markers. There is a lamp and white curtains framing the window in front of the desk, and it faces a red brick building

Writing is both an art and a professional tool. Whether you're an artist who wants to enhance your studio practice with the written word, a writer with a eye towards the arts, or just wish to experiment with writing as a creative outlet, these courses are for you. You may even find yourself breaking into a career in the entertainment industry!

Writing is both an art and a professional tool.

We offer courses covering creative and critical writing, from life writing to screenwriting and professional pitches, as well as interdisciplinary courses exploring the intersection between visual and written forms. Many of our courses are offered online, providing you with an international community of like-minded peers with whom to grow and share your process.

Our program offers you tools and support to work on your writing, get one-on-one feedback and meet and be inspired by other writers.

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