Degree Requirements

The MPS Fashion Photography program is a one-year intensive degree program for the technologically proficient photographer who wants to develop a more creative and original body of work through an immersion in the narrative, conceptual and cultural subtext of fashion photography, and with direct engagement with the leading figures in fashion and fashion photography in New York.

At the core of the program is a 30-week Critique course as well as the weekend Symposium. The Critique is a weekly gathering in which the students discuss and challenge each other's work, guided by a faculty-moderator. It is a team effort: the critique sessions are individually conducted one evening per month by four different faculty. The weekend Symposium is a flexible format that acts as a framework for critiques with fashion photographers, creative directors, museum directors, and fashion designers and for field trips, lectures, readings, fashion shows and exhibitions, and various dialogues with industry professionals. An emphasis is placed on the synthesis of diverse and unexpected cultural information as pictorial inspiration.

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