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The work our students produce shows their ability to be creative, work collaboratively and master complex technologies.
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Jimmy Calhoun

The Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects Department combines the power of computer-generated images with active imaginations, great stories and highly skilled artists. The results are beyond impressive—they are breathtaking.

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If you are interested in the great animated films by Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Sony Pictures Animation or the photo-real VFX work by Framestore, MPC, Method and more, this is the department where you belong. We teach the most advanced digital applications used in the film industry. Taught by more than 60 working professionals each semester, our students develop the personal and professional skills required to succeed as visual artists in a highly competitive, creative medium.

We see the work of computer animation and visual effects in television, the Internet, in video games and feature films. Working with 3D applications, these artists might do more than entertain us: they might also visualize complex medical procedures, perform scientific simulations and assist in forensic investigations.

It is our goal to ensure that Computer Art students have the creative and technical skills to work within the growing need for 3D computer animation and visual effects. They work with professional artists in professional-caliber production labs. To enhance their visual skills, they receive strong foundations in drawing and design classes. To develop critical thinking, an art-historical perspective and an understanding of their social responsibilities, students are required to complete a variety of classes in art history and the humanities.

Computer Art majors are highly skilled artists who are adaptable and capable of solving the most complex visual challenges. Our students have the ability to anticipate and adapt to advances in applied technologies.

The technical complexity of 3D computer animation and visual effects requires a structured curriculum and there are an extensive number of skills to master. This is a unique curriculum that focuses on the integration of 2D and 3D computer graphics within computer animation, visual effects and motion graphics. We offer comprehensive instruction in 3D computer animation with advanced classes in 3D modeling, lighting, texturing, dynamics, character animation and motion capture. The courses offered in visual effects feature advanced instruction in digital video, green screen studio production, compositing, rotoscoping and VFX animation.

This program is not for the faint of heart. If you want to live a dream that includes working in a studio like Blue Sky, PIXAR or DreamWorks, you will have to work for it. The complexity of 3D computer animation and all the nuances of a visual effects production are immense. Talent, teamwork and persistence is required, as is the mastery of the technical tools that you will be expected to know when you leave college.

In the Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects Department your success is our goal. This is the place, now is the time, the tradition of excellence continues with you.


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BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects
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