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Presented by Visual Arts Student Association (VASA)

ReShape SVA Earth Day Exhibition

April 22 - May 6, 2021
Illustration of several people working together in the environment while other, larger people watch over them from a mountain top

The Big Why by Yunyi Dai.

The Visual Arts Student Association (VASA) presents its ReShape SVA Earth Day Exhibition—an exhibition all about single-use plastic, climate change and the overall awareness of the environment.

ReShape SVA is a climate change initiative that VASA launched last year in order to reduce SVA’s use of single-use plastic around campus. VASA’s goal is to educate and provide students with resources to become more eco-friendly, starting by providing free reusable products and including opening a gallery. Since, due to the current situation, VASA is unable to open a physical gallery, they decided to host it virtually here, celebrating our Earth as best as we can in times like these. Enjoy the work in the gallery below and follow @vasa.sva on Instagram for more ReShape SVA content.

Virtual Gallery

Flora Bai (MFA Illustration as Visual Essay), Gianna Bravaco (BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects), Helena Buarque de Macedo (BFA Photography and Video), Wing Yi Chan (BFA Computer Art), Zixin Chen (BFA Illustration), Yunyi Dai (MFA Illustration as Visual Essay), Grace Damico (BFA Illustration), Lindsey Deleon (BFA Film), Violeta Encarnacion (BFA Illustration), Emily Esposito (BFA Fine Arts), Lisa Freeman (MFA Art Practice), Hyun Ha (BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects), Handowin He (MFA Visual Narrative), Younjin Kim (BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects), Katherine Klingenberg (BFA Photography and Video), Shelley Lake (MFA Art Practice), Jake Leyva (BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects), Peilin Li (BFA Illustration), Shirley Li (BFA Illustration), Yuqing Liu (BFA Illustration), Marisa Marino (BFA Fine Arts), Jane McIlvaine (BFA Illustration), Tingleguts McLellan (MFA Fine Arts), Elizabeth Messer (BFA Photography and Video), Meghan Moffat (BFA Photography and Video), Juliet Nelson (BFA Visual & Critical Studies), Sefa Ozdogan (BFA Fine Arts), Jenn Park (BFA Illustration), Annabella Piazza (BFA Fine Arts), Oliver Qin (BFA Design), Oliver Rauch (BFA Illustration), Ritu Sathwara (BFA Design), Ryan Shea (BFA Design), Mark Sorace (BFA Photography and Video), Mansi Vinay (BFA Illustration), Ziyi Wang (BFA Animation), Maggie Wang (BFA Illustration), Zhe Hao Wu (BFA Illustration), Qinxi Yu (BFA Fine Arts), Grace Zhang (BFA Fine Arts), Coco Zhang (BFA Design), Yuou Zhang (BFA Illustration), Jia Zhong (BFA Illustration), Xiaohan Zhou (BFA Illustration) and Wenwen Zhu (BFA Illustration).

Free and open to the public