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15 Years of Design Matters with MPS Branding Chair Debbie Millman
February 7, 2020 by Danielle Peters
A photograph of Debbie Millman sitting in a chair with her feet on a table

Debbie Millman. Photo by John Madere.

Debbie Millman, renowned designer, 2019 AIGA Medalist, author and chair of MPS Branding, marks another milestone with the celebration of the 15th anniversary of her critically acclaimed podcast Design Matters. Since founding the podcast in 2005, Millman has interviewed all kinds of artists, thinkers and creators that run the gamut of inspired expression, including performance artist Marina Abramović, cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker, SVA faculty member and acting chairman Milton Glaser, renowned thinker Malcolm GladwellObey Giant creator Shepard Fairey, conceptual artist Barbara KrugerDresden Dolls musician and singer Amanda Palmer, author Alain de Botton and hundreds more.

“Doing Design Matters is a gift,” Millman said in an SVA interview. “The opportunity to speak to some of the most creative people in the world and to be the recipient of some of the most heartfelt letters and emails from my listeners is miraculous.” There are more than 400 Design Matters episodes and the show boasts more than five million downloads a year. In 2011 the series won a National Design Award, one of the design profession's highest honors, and Design Matters was named one of the 40 best creative podcasts to liven up your commute by Creative Boom.


Recalling the genesis of her podcast she said, “I started Design Matters when I felt like I was in a bit of a creative slump. This was before I had started teaching at SVA, and at the time, all of my work had veered to the commercial. I felt my creative spirit was dying. I thought the opportunity to create a little Internet radio show with VoiceAmerica, if nothing more, could be a fun, creative experience. It’s ended up profoundly changing my life.”


To celebrate on February 10th at 7:00pm, Millman will host a special live event with guests Amber Tamblyn and MFA Fine Arts faculty Marilyn Minter, at WNYC’s The Greene Space. If you want to show your support for Millman and her long-running show, you can buy your tickets here while they are still available.


New episodes of Design Matters are available now on iTunesSoundcloudMillman's websiteStitcher and other platforms where podcasts are made available.