7 Things You’ll See at the SVA Makers Market
June 2, 2016 by Ken Switzer

The first ever SVA Makers Market is taking place on Saturday, June 11 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. Bringing together more than 50 of the brightest talents in craft and design, and highlighting the entrepreneurial, do-it-yourself spirit of SVA alumni, this one-day event will showcase alumni-made commercial products ranging from furniture, jewelry and decorative objects, to stationery, self-published books and comics. Here’s a sneak peek at seven of them.

A waffle press.

Created by Chris Dimino (BFA 2002 Graphic Design), the quirky Keyboard Waffle Iron features a unique wide format plate that creates a Belgian-style waffle in the shape of a classic computer keyboard.

SVA Features: 7 Things You’ll See at the SVA Makers Market
SVA Features asset

The Cloud created by Richard Clarkson (MFA 2014 Products of Design) is an Arduino-controlled, motion-triggered interactive lamp and speaker system designed to mimic a thundercloud in appearance. It also allows users to stream music via any Bluetooth compatible device and can adapt to any desired lighting, color and brightness.

SVA Features: 7 Things You’ll See at the SVA Makers Market
SVA Features asset

Baron Fig co-founded by Joey Cofone (BFA 2013 Design) creates sleek notebooks and sketchbooks that are made of acid-free, fine grain paper and feature specially stitched bindings that ensure that pages lay flat when the books are opened.

7 skull paperweights

Jason Bakutis (BFA 2011 Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects) and his Fire & Bone company make true-to-life jewelry and collectibles derived from real animal skulls. Using 3D scanning and 3D printing, these crafters make incredibly accurate miniature skull replicas that are highly detailed and faithful to nature's design.

Fox pillow.

Broderpress by Shannon Broder (BFA 2011 Visual and Critical Studies) creates playful and whimsical handmade pillows that are silkscreened with water based non-toxic ink and made from materials that are entirely sourced in the U.S.

Orange, green, and purple u-shaped candles with two wicks

Sculpture & Flame founder Hrafnhildur (Habby) Magnusdottir (Osk) (MFA 2009 Fine Arts) creates custom-made, handcrafted wax sculptures, each with their own unique blend of color and wax.

A set of different invitations

Danielle Bliss (BFA 2005 Graphic Design) and her Wishbone Letterpress produce unique, hand-made products that are visually stimulating, evoke a whimsical bygone era, and are all printed on turn-of-the-century presses.

SVA Makers Market is taking place on Saturday, June 11, from 11:00am to 6:00pm at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 West 18th Street, 2nd Floor (Metropolitan Suite) in New York City . For more information, click here. And to connect with the SVA Makers Market community on Facebook, click here.