7 Upcoming SVA Alumni Art Shows You Should Know About
March 06, 2018 by Ora Xu
The house is in front of a large circle
3 bedroom place that is somewhat furnished

Gallery, 2017 by Susan Leopold. Courtesy of Ehgallery.com.

When SVA students graduate, they're not just holding a degree, they're entered straight into the world and the very ecosystem they hoped their studies would take them. Our SVA alumni are always busy creating and with the change of season, we thought it was high time to spotlight some of the exhibitions out there featuring their amazing work. From sculptures to illustrations, hip-hop photography to surrealist paintings, SVA grads are putting out some amazing work into the art space. Take a look.

Susan Leopold (BFA 1982 Fine Arts) Intersections
Elizabeth Harris Gallery 529 West 20th Street
Susan Leopold is a New York-based sculptor and installation artist focusing on small-scale wall installations of interior architectural sculptures that are placed in white boxes. Intersections includes a series of Leopold’s latest works that addresses the multiple roles urban spaces serve in human life. A combination of different materials aims to present an intricate architectural space and spatial illusion that extends the narrative beyond the boundary of the boxes.
Through May 12

A gun shooting out the American flag.

Untitled by Steve Cup. Courtesy of the artist.

Steve Cup (MFA 2015 Illustration as Visual Essay) Breaking Point
Waterloo Arts Gallery 15605 Waterloo Road, Cleveland, Ohio
Steve Cup is an experienced illustrator and printmaker with a focus on storytelling and in his latest exhibition, the artists expresses his viewpoint on the first year of the volatile Trump presidency. Each piece of work is created based on his emotional reaction towards the drastically changing social tides in the U.S. over the past year.
Through May 13

the art of march a civil rights masterpiece

Cover image of March by Nate Powell. Courtesy of the artist.

Nate Powell (BFA 2000 Cartooning) The Art of MARCH: A Civil Rights Masterpiece
Society of Illustrators,128 East 63rd Street
The Art of MARCH: A Civil Rights Masterpiece features Nate Powell’s graphic novel on the civil rights movement through Congressman John Lewis’ eyes. It includes more than 150 pieces of original art, interactive materials, and new exhibition essays by Jonathan W. Gray depicting pivotal moments, people and philosophies of the movement. Viewers can also see the in-progress sketches Powell made to illustrate the art for the trilogy March.
Through June 30

Woman with short blue hair standing against a wall with a red stripe. She is wearing a body hugging bodysuit with a black and white print.

Untitled (Hip Hop Honeys #82) by Brian Finke. Courtesy of the artist.

Brian Finke (BFA 1998 Photography) Hip Hop Honeys
ClampArt, 247 West 29th Street, ground floor
Hip Hop Honeys features a series of photos Brian Finke took over the past three years. Behind the scenes on hip-hop video shoots, Finke forgoes the stars, placing the focus on the unsung models who act in supporting roles. Finke captures different emotions, often choosing to frame his models in-between takes in the mundane and tedious moments. The photographer takes great consideration with his subjects to create a specific narrative from his own perspective.
Through May 12

a small house with the Epcot ball in Disney in the background
Montreal 1967 World's Fair, "Man and His World," Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic Dome With Solar Experimental House, 2012 by Jake Doskow. Courtesy of the artist.

Jade Doskow (MFA 2008 Photography, Video and Related Media) Lost Utopias
Front Room Gallery, 48 Hester Street
Lost Utopias features Jade Doskow’s decade-long photographic series documenting the remaining architectural wonders of the international World’s Fairs that once symbolized hope for future technologies, design and global cooperation. Having fallen into disrepair and neglect, Doskow’s photos present the forgotten fate of these once-iconic architectures and all they represented.
April 20 – May 20, Opening Reception: April 20, 7:00 – 9:00pm

this is room
What It's Like, What It Is #3, 1991. Video Installation: Wood constructions, mirrors, lighting, 4 videodiscs, videotape, music soundtrack, dimensions variable. #91001. Photo credit: David Campos/ MACBA. Collection of the Adrian Piper Research Archive Foundation Berlin. © APRA Foundation Berlin.

Adrian Piper (1969 Fine Arts) Adrian Piper: A Synthesis of Intuitions 1965–2016
The Museum of Modern Art 11 West 53rd Street
Having a fine arts career spanning 50 years, Adrian Piper has been working in a wide range of mediums, often addressing race, gender, xenophobia, social engagement and self-transcendence through her artworks. Adrian Piper: A Synthesis of Intuitions 1965–2016 brings together more than 290 works, including drawings, paintings, photographs, multimedia installations, videos and performances. The exhibition portrays her ceaseless inquiries into experimenting with the possibilities of conceptual art.
Through July 22

A painting of two wavy buildings.

Installation View, Stairwell by Inka Essenhigh.2018. Photo by Martin Parsekian.

Inka Essenhigh (MFA 1994 Fine Arts) Stairwell
The Drawing Center, 35 Wooster Street
Inka Essenhigh draws reference from a wide range of styles including Surrealism, Byzantine icons and graphic novels while earning a reputation for her paintings that weave mundane scenes with hallucinated dreamscapes. The wall drawing Essenhigh made for the Drawing Center is part of the ongoing series Stairwell along with Gary Simmons’s Ghost Reels (2016–18) and Abdelkader Benchamma’s Dark Matter (2015–16).
Through August 4, 2019