Back to School: Things To Do At SVA This Fall
September 3, 2019
<p "="">Left, illustration of a girl with a paintbrush; center, a dress made of paper that is covered with text; right, a palm tree emerges from a cloud and a mirror hangs in front of it.

Left: BFA Illustration student Sofiya Kuzmina, First Threshold, 2018. On view at "Mirrored Display"; Center: Lesley Dill, Gown of Blueprint, 2014, Hand-painted metal with oil paint on metal armature, 78” x 58” x 58” (closed); 78” x 67” x 69” inches (open). On view at "Look Both Ways: The Illicit Liaison Between Image and Information" at SVA Chelsea Gallery; Right: Photo by KangHee Kim, who will give an i3: Images, Ideas, Inspiration lecture this fall.