‘Boiling Down’ Project Fights Bullying Through the Power of Cooking
April 27, 2016
Head shot of a professional man.
Male Portrait
Photograph by Nir Arieli.

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting some of the many outstanding projects by 2016 Alumni Scholarship Award winners. First up is MFA Design for Social Innovation student Ivan Boscariol on his Boiling Down program, which aims to reduce bullying and challenge gender norms through the power of cooking. Boscariol is one of 25 MFA Design for Social Innovation students who will present their thesis projects on Thursday, April 28th from noon to 5:00pm at the SVA Theatre (more information here). To watch a live stream of the presentations, click here.

What inspired the idea?
A program that teaches knitting to inmates in the U.S inspired me. I realized the combination of a “regular” activity with an added social emotional learning experience has a lot of potential, especially for those audiences who wouldn’t look for self-development on their own.

A green knife suspended in a wooden cutting board.
Photograph by Nir Arieli.

What advice do you have for next year’s students going through your program?
Question everything—your assumptions, your solutions, the system, your constraints, everything. Our power to change lies in re-framing the reality we want to transform.

What was a highlight of living and studying in New York City?
The city is a learning environment. So many museums, institutions, conferences, parks… it’s hard to get bored here. It also allowed me to intern in places I’ve always wanted to, such as UNICEF and for the city of New York.

What are your post SVA plans?
I’m going back to Brazil, where I want to use what I learned here to improve the quality of public services in Brazil through participatory design.

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