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ContinuEd Project Space: Robert Morein


April 5, 2019 by Michael Bilsborough

Visit our ContinuEd Project Space, where we are pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Robert Morein, who is a recent SVACE student of Ira Richer and Seth Michael Forman. This show will be on view throughout April in our exhibition spaces located at 209 East 23rd Street and 380 2nd Ave, 8th floor.

SVA Features: ContinuEd Project Space: Robert Morein

Robert writes, "SVACE is my opportunity to be creative at the center of the art world. In approach, SVA is a microcosm of NY, with all diversities represented. You have the opportunity to learn classic technique, push the limits, or do both at the same time. SVA's instructors have individual approaches to aesthetics and technique. Pick your favorites, persevere, and watch yourself grow. As one never steps in the same river twice, a course repeated is not the same course, and you are not the same student. After a few years, the quest becomes addictive. The river flows on."

<p "="">Here are two paintings by Robert Morein, featuring a colorful selection of surreal images, and a prominent figure of a burning effigy.

See Robert Morein’s paintings here at SVACE through the month of April.

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