Drawing Hellboy: ‘The Washington Post’ Profile on SVA Alumnus Shawn Martinbrough
September 27, 2017
well dressed man drawing cartoons at his desk
The man seems to be very dedicated to his craft.
Artist Shawn Martinbrough illustrates a one-shot issue of “Hellboy” for Dark Horse Comics from his studio in Alexandria, Va. (Eli Meir Kaplan)

From The Washington Post: “Despite a quarter-century of professional comic-book illustrating—and having drawn some of the most popular superheroes ever—artist Shawn Martinbrough still had a ‘bucket list’ character who had escaped the lines of his pencils for so many years.

Hellboy, the stone-handed, horned creation of Mike Mignola, had always been one of Martinbrough’s favorite characters. Mignola’s early years drawings for Marvel and DC Comics were a heavy influence on Martinbrough as a young man.

Over time, the two artists became friends over social media where Martinbrough frequently shares examples of his artwork, including cover and interior page work from ‘Thief of Thieves,’ the Robert Kirkman-created series from Image Comics that Martinbrough has been illustrating for years.

Mignola reached out after liking many of the illustrations Martinbrough posted online, and told him if he ever wanted to draw Hellboy to just let him know.

‘I was totally blown away,’ Martinbrough, a resident of Alexandria, Va., told The Washington Post’s Comic Riffs.

Mignola connected Martinbrough to Mignola’s editor at Dark Horse Comics, Scott Allie, who asked Martinbrough what type of Hellboy story he’d like to do…” (For the full story and more images, click here)