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Get Situated With SVA’s Orientation Schedules, Videos & More
September 14, 2020
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Orientation at SVA offers students the opportunity to meet faculty, staff and other students before classes begin, and yes, it’s a little different this year. But its purpose remains the same: helping new students to acclimate to SVA and its community—as well as to New York City, for those staying in the metropolitan area. This year, Orientation is broken into two main parts. First, there’s Pre-Welcome Week, which kicks off today (September 14), and Welcome Week, which begins Sunday, September 20.


All of the Orientation events are either live Zoom meetings or live Zoom webinars, and there are several events each day. For a simple, quick look, we’ve created graphics below of all the events, but you can download, peruse or print the Pre-Week Schedule and Welcome Week schedules here and here. Additionally, all your Orientation needs can be found at comprehensive resources page SVA.edu/students/orientation.

SVA Orientation's Pre-Welcome Week Schedule

SVA Orientation’s Pre-Welcome Week Schedule

SVA Orientation's Welcome Week Schedule

SVA Orientation's Welcome Week Schedule

SVA Orientation's Welcome Week Schedule

SVA Orientation's Welcome Week Schedule

But that’s not all. This year’s Orientation welcoming in new students for the Fall 2020 semester actually kicked off much earlier than usual this year, in a blog launched in June. These 10 blog posts, all compiled here, introduces new members of the SVA community to the College’s existing culture, resources and essential information for personal and academic success.


There are many great videos and content, so we thought we’d provide some easy-to-digest highlights from the Fall 2020 Orientation blogs:

Orientation Blog #3 covers the International Outreach and Office of Programs for International Students, and delves into how these programs give all international students equal opportunity to succeed in their chosen profession. Wellness programs are also available to everyone in need of and/or seeking counseling.

International Outreach and Office of Programs for International Students: Orientation 2020

SVA also provides Career Development resources that will help students to find internships and jobs in their fields. The Career Development office also offers one-on-one counseling to provide students with advice regarding their career path. Learn more here in Orientation Blog #4.

Career Development at SVA: Orientation 2020

In Orientation Blog #9, SVA’s Information Technology team is introduced. The IT team at SVA provides essential resources that support the College’s educational experience. This video discusses information relating to software and hardware, connectivity for personal devices, and privacy & protection.

Technology @ SVA: Fall 2020 Orientation

To see all of the Orientation blogs, go here. SVA’s Orientation web page will also be updated with new events and details when they arrive.