Highlights from SVA at Miami Art Week 2016
December 08, 2016
A man posing for an artist.

As mentioned earlier this month, in 2016 SVA was once again a significant presence at Miami Art Week, one of the biggest and most influential events on the international art world’s calendar.

a sign entrance
Pulse entrance by Aria Isadora/BFA.com.

For the second consecutive year, PULSE Miami hosted an SVA Galleries booth, curated by Dan Halm (MFA 2001 Illustration as Visual Essay, BFA 1994 Illustration), which featured paintings, sculpture, photography and multimedia work by nine recent alumni: Trey Abdella (BFA 2016 Illustration), Ilana Di Marco (BFA 2016 Photography and Video), Luiz Felipe d’Orey (BFA 2016 Illustration), Haoran Fan (MPS 2016 Digital Photography), Michal Geva (MFA 2016 Fine Arts), Matthias Kauderer (BFA 2016 Fine Arts), Netta Laufer (MFA 2016 Photography, Video and Related Media), Amalia Mourad (MFA 2016 Fine Arts) and Michelle Sumaray (MFA 2016 Fine Arts). As always, all proceeds from SVA Galleries’ sales went directly to the artists. Additionally, some 17 of the more than 75 other PULSE exhibitors showcased work by the College’s graduates.

she is sexy girl
Ilana Di Marco with her work at PULSE.

“SVA’s presence at PULSE Miami Beach continues to be a great learning opportunity for those artists involved,” Halm says. “The exposure they receive to collectors, galleries and the general public is paramount in their transition from students to professionals. Sometimes all it takes is the right person to see the work, and a career can be launched. It is very rewarding being able to bring a new group of undiscovered talented artists to the art world during such an exciting and well-attended fair.”

site lap project in miami beach for hybrid structure

Untitled Art Fair displayed the work of 20 SVA artists, who exhibited at SVA alumni-run galleries and beyond. Hybrid Structure, a two-story installation by SiTE:LAB co-founder Paul Amenta (MFA 2000 Fine Arts) stood at the center of the fair.

Tribal art gallery.
Works by Guðmundur Thoroddsen.

Icelandic artist Guðmundur Thoroddsen (MFA 2011 Fine Arts), whose work was shown by the gallery of fellow alumnus Aysa Geisberg (MFA 1999 Fine Arts), was included in Artspace’s roundup of Untitled’s “best new artists”.

A woman kneeling on the floor with her hands down. She is in a brown room. She is wearing white gloves, a pink hat, a pink dress, white socks and shoes. She has blond hair.
Work by Hailun Ma.

This year, Miami Projects debuted in a new and open space, where a booth presented by SVA’s BFA Photography and Video Department, in partnership with Mary Mary Projects, was able to shine. Curated by department chair Stephen Frailey, the booth included work by program alumni Ryan Halliwill (2016), Ken Lavey (2015), Hailun Ma (2016) and Patricia Voulgaris (2013).

A man who looks like a hero
Brian Whiteley at the Satellite Art Fair.

Farther down the beach, MFA Fine Arts sponsored a booth at the Satellite Art Fair, an artist-run alternative fair founded by Brian Whiteley (MFA 2013 Fine Arts). This year, Lounge Corp., a curatorial team made up of MFA 2016 Fine Arts alumni Kaja Cxzy Andersen and Ragnheiður Káradóttir , created a site-specific installation that incorporated the unique characteristics of the Parisian Hotel and the general kitschy and glamorous aesthetic of the Miami Beach tourist scene. Participating artists included fellow MFA 2016 Fine Arts alumni Andersen, Eli Barak, Franco Frontera, Káradóttir, Sophie Parker and Jonathan Schouela, and current MFA Fine Arts students Scott Ferguson and Caroline Villard.

Four women and a man at an evening outdoor cocktail party.
SVA alumni reception.

“This year in Miami we were aware of more than 50 alumni showing in the fairs,” says Jane Nuzzo, director of SVA Alumni Affairs and Development, which hosted an alumni reception at Miami’s Continental Restaurant during the week. “It was a pleasure having the chance to check out all of their incredible work, and to meet with several alumni over the course of our time there.”

“Our ongoing presence in Miami keeps SVA at the center of the international arts community,” says Sam Modenstein, executive director of SVA External Relations, who has supervised the College’s involvement since 2006. “I was particularly proud of our recent graduates, whose work was displayed in the SVA Galleries booth at PULSE Miami, at Miami Project and at Satellite, among other fairs; the caliber was exceptional.”