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Introducing ‘Visual Opinion’ Vol. 27, Issue 2: ‘Work in Progress’

The magazine features art and writing by undergraduates and graduates in the College’s various programs.

April 7, 2021 by Srishti Dass and Ori Haiblum
The cover of Visual Opinion. It's blue and says "Work in Progress Vol 27 Issue 2" in digital font in the middle.

The front cover of SVA’s student publicationVisual Opinion: Work in Progress (Volume 27, Issue 2), featuring art by Krista Gay (BFA Photography and Video).

The latest Visual Opinion (VO) issue, SVA’s student-run magazine, is now online, and it showcases the diverse, talented members of the SVA student body.

This second issue of the year, Work in Progress, illustrates and explores the human quality of being “in progress” and never in a completed state—we, as artists and as people, are constantly exploring and expanding. The issue features artworks in an assortment of mediums; some figuratively discuss this idea of a work in progress, while other contributors share images of their ongoing projects to inspire each other with their still-developing selves—our works in progress.

For each edition, the VO staff decides on a theme and selects submissions that best exemplify the College’s range of departments and disciplines and best fit the motif. Undergraduate and graduate students in all programs are invited to submit work, and each issue features a multitude of mediums, including photography, illustration, comics, poetry, painting and sculpture.

Three spreads from "Visual Opinion" magazine: 1. a painting by BFA Fine Arts student Sefa Ozdogan, depicting a shattered piece of art; 2. artwork by BFA Visual & Critical Studies student Harley Walker, featuring a grid of eight dim images; 3. a pastel-colored abstract painting by BFA Illustration student Yushan Zhou.

Spreads from Visual Opinion: Work in Progress (Volume 27, Issue 2).

The contributors to the latest Visual Opinion are Aileen Barney (BFA Photography and Video), Niki Brisnovali-Grillakis (BFA Photography and Video), Jake Dylan (BFA Photography and Video), Mia Gahrmann (BFA Photography and Video), Krista Gay (BFA Photography and Video), Alena Ivey (BFA Fine Arts), Nicholas Loffredo (BFA Photography and Video), Mingzi Ma (BFA Illustration), Marisa Marino (BFA Fine Arts), Olivia McGuinness (BFA Fine Arts), John Novotny (BFA Photography and Video), Sefa Ozdogan (BFA Fine Arts), Oliver Perry Rauch (BFA Illustration), Farwah Rizvi (BFA Fine Arts), Karenina “Kay” Thebez (BFA Photography and Video), Harley Walker (BFA Visual & Critical Studies), Ming Hsun Yu (BFA Design) and Yushan Zhou (BFA Illustration).

The Visual Opinion staffers are Srishti Dass (BFA Fine Arts), Ori Haiblum (BFA Photography and Video), Aline Rubin (BFA Design), Calvin Sheely (BFA Photography and Video), and staff advisor Maria Rovira-McCune (associate director, Student Affairs).